One customer: one project

The TIP Group’s vision is a customer’s voice at the center of its strategy and a close partnership on the development requests of its customers and prospects.

Our R&D lab is a constant support for our sales managers for reliable and technical answers.

This technical support service is offered from the beginning of the study until you use the product.

Our services do not stop at the study, we accompany you all along the chain-product. For laying tips, packaging, storage (Open Order, phasing, etc. …), the traceability you want, traceability of your purchase order, a firm deadline following your order acknowledgement…

The “ONE CUSTOMER : ONE PROJECT” label is the guarantee that each of your requests will be studied and analyzed with seriousness and professionalism. For us, every customer’s need is specific and must therefore have special attention.

Your projects are treated with a confidentiality that is dear to us and necessary. Confidentiality is our DNA.