Who we are ?

Our all first developments were created in 2008.

We started on this road with our first two products IN and ON. They were on a PE compatible material, developed by TIP, specifically for rotational moulding. These two deans were named ROTOtranstip 841 for the In mold version and 831 for the On mold version. The products were very reliable and solid in time however the application time seemed too long and complicated for the rotomoulders. So we did a new search and the younger came into being.

Its little name is the ROTOtranstip 851 for the In mold version, we preferred to use TIP self-adhesive films for the On mold version which are the BESTFIX for smooth surfaces and the ATOUFIX for the grained ones.

A few years after the introduction of the T851, we wanted to make some improvements to our product in terms of adhesion on all types of molds and with most release agents, as well as better resistance to friction so the ROTOtranstip 863 arrived on the roto PE decoration market.

This product is very resistant to all possible detergents and to a good resistance to friction, however we still had some adhesion problems on some mold coating or some particular structures. In some important industrial rotomolders, having to clean up the mold and the finished product was a problem for their productivity.

As with all our products, we are closer to the voice of our customers and this is at the center of our corporate life.

A development or implementation of product range is only finished when we are, as well as the market, satisfied with the products offered. We have therefore developed a new range for IN mold rotomolding for PE and PP.

In the year 2017, ROTOtranstip 871 and 873 have been proposed to the various European rotomoulders with great success as much for their performance as for ease of installation. With these two products, there is no spray adhesive before application and no cleaning afterwards. You say to yourself: the rotomoulding range TIP is complete, well no. We are finishing the development of a new and more efficient product, we will name it: ROTOtranstip 875.

And we are working again on a transfer ON mold version that will be available in the course of the year 2019.

Follow our story and we will answer with the greatest professionalism. Our products will increase your business and your image.